Simpler is generally better than complex.  Ockham's Razor

A new company, product or service name must quickly convey a brand's essence to its multiple audiences.  It's a classic example of where less can be more.

The right name can attract attention helping an enterprise or organization bloom.  The challenge is creating a name that is both compelling and ownable trademark and URL.   Inventive names, while hardly the only avenue to explore, can be the best and ultimately most protectable solution.

Room temperature nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sterilization offering benefits over traditional methods.

Power/water independent sterilization  "any where" including the developing world.

The process is simple and straightforward:

Gain an understanding of the strategy, objectives, target audience, usage and any other information that might impact upon name selection.

Seek building blocks that might be used as points of departure or inclusion in developing name candidates; elements of heritage, category terminology, etc.

Creative name ideation aimed at generating a number of viable candidates for  consideration.

Identify the best name and the create a visual identity that will optimize its potential across multiple media.

The new name must effectively communicate to its external audiences and potential users but it must also constitute a proud flag for those inside the company or institution.

EduLync's online platform allows administrators and specialists to provide a unique and dynamic support system to teachers.

MVTrak addresses athlete concussions.  Its MV1 is a patent-pending, in-ear device that measures and redords head impact with 96.6% accuracy.

Cutting edge technology for blood diagnostics.

Recent names and brandmarks.